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Music Is Passion


FOH Services

Music is what I know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be created by mixing beats, rhythms, and melodies. I am committed to capturing the heart of the Artist in each performance and connecting it to the audience .


Corporate Events

Your event deserves the best sound and support. My commitment is to create the best environment for your employee's experience.   Lights and sound that can move and shake along with the knowledge and equipment to make your presentation, training or corporate celebration have your desired outcome.


Sound System Consulting

Want to make the best of the tech you already have?   Looking to grow but don't just want to be "sold" a new system?  I can provide unbiased advice and recommendations  unencumbered by the need to sell you equipment.   My commitment is to give you a clear understanding of the capability of your current system and help you plan a path to your vision.


Worship Audio Training

The connection between your Worship Team and your congregation goes through the hands and heart of the FOH Tech in charge of your sound.  My training provides your staff with the knowledge and understanding of the tools already available to ensure consistent, excellent and moving Worship.


Please call me +1 919 946 6913, I'm happy to discuss your requirements.